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In truth, Unturned capitalizes on the all-encompassing zombie trend. And overall, survives the onslaught unscathed, thanks to the sheer simplicity of its systems and mechanics.

At times, the game does suffer at the hands of repetition. However, constant updates and a large community keep Unturned from getting stale.

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Of course, a handful of bugs do plague the party at times. But most of all, the fun and addictive qualities of Unturned, override any deficiencies that the game may possess.

Developed by Nelson Sexton, Unturned is a post-apocalyptic game with a heavy enthesis on survival. In short, Unturned is the brainchild of “Sexton,” who single-handedly spearheads the development team; Smartly Dressed Games as sole owner and founder. Many feathers to his cap then, it would seem.

At its rancidly rotten core, Unturned shares similar survival themes to that of DayZ, whereby players must manage stats. All the while, defending against hordes of zombies, and the ever-looming threat of online players.

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From a visual standpoint, Unturned is most alike Minecraft and Roblox, with blocky pixels and a vibrant color scheme. But perhaps more importantly, Unturned demands very little from the hardware.

And thus, can be enjoyed by many, thanks to the minimum system requirements. With that in mind, virtually anyone can play on a PC, with an active connection, due to the game’s low specs. Meaning, a mid-range build is more than sufficient.

The result is a user-friendly game, accessible to all; A survival simulator that opens its doors to all demographics and abilities. But how to does the game play out?

Well, in Unturned, players find themselves on Prince Edward Island and must survive the zombie-infested lands. Either by flying solo or buddying up with an online ally.

Tackling the island together certainly has its benefits. Besides, it’s not just A.I operated zombies that have a morbid taste for flesh. On that note, Online players can be just as dangerous, and PVP plays a significant role in many of the dedicated servers.

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And, during these intense duels, the stakes equate to more than one-upmanship. Victory in the field can produce a fruitful reward. Necessary resources and provisions are obtainable, for those that emerge on the winning side.

But as I’ve previously highlighted, other players and zombies are not the only problematic issue. Players must also contend with the elements, which affect the player in various ways. For instance, the player monitors vitality, stamina, hunger, and hydration. All of which must stay at sustainable levels.

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This necessity to keep an eye on those vitals makes every move crucial. As a result, you’re always looking over the shoulder, alert, and aware of your surroundings. Or rather, what lurks within them.

In Unturned, the player has access to a variety of weapons, from melee types like crowbars to long-distance firearms such as pistols, shotguns, and rifles. These are effective against both zombies and online players. However, these can be modded, courtesy of the crafting system, which allows for greater customization.

The crafting system is one of the more enjoyable aspects of the game.  Players can scrap and farm natural materials, which are then used to build structures, bases, and fortifications alongside unique tools and firearms, much like Minecraft in many respects.

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Crafting can also increase the chances of survival in other ways. Aside from shelters, players can devise traps, which, if employed well, can catch the enemy off guard. But also, this freedom to exercise free will, can create moments of great satisfaction. Whether that high sense of achievement derives from building a fort, or merely repelling the hordes with a new gun attachment, the ability to construct is as useful in Unturned, as it is in Fortnite.

Reasons that why Unturned is still popular game?

Another reason why Unturned is so fun is that the modding scene is active and unwavering. As a result, the game is persistently getting a refresh, despite the somewhat repetitive nature of the gameplay.

Things like new maps, modes, and makeshift items, cook up countless possibilities. And thus, this allows the player base to create meaning and context, inevitably leading to an endless supply of outcomes and scenarios. Without the need for a story, and that’s the beauty of Unturned.

After being pumped full of lead, bludgeoned to death with a bat, mauled by a wave of bloodthirsty undead, and of course, having endured death due to starvation, it’s safe to surmise, I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. And, I’ve been through the war’s countless times. But despite these hideous trials and tribulations, I would dust myself off, and try again. Each time, putting those dire failures of the past to one side.

In truth, this speaks volumes about the appeal of Unturned and the reply value it owns. And yes, the game can seem monotonous at times. But, it’s also strangely addictive.

Time and time again, I found myself stuck in the cycle.

Everyday tasks like farming, putting my creative juices to use and trying to devise smart methods of play become fun, further enhanced with an ally in the field.

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A lot of the concepts, like stat-management, weapon degradation, and sickness, are tropes used many times over in other games, to good effect. And so, nowhere is this more evident, than in DayZ. But also, base building concepts in Unturned, borrow from games like Rust. Thankfully though, the unique art style helps to separate this survival sim from the pack.

All in all, Unturned is a survival game that’s not for the faint of heart. That said, fans of the genre will extract great joy from this authentic survival simulator. Is it punishing at times?

Yes. And unfortunately, various performance issues do sometimes stand in the way in what is otherwise an enjoyable game. Overall though, the pro points far outweigh the cons.

What do you think of Unturned? We want to know. How do you survive this evil dystopia? As always, we welcome your views. So please do post any thoughts below.


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