Unturned is a multiplayer survival game that was released officially in 2017 after a few years in early access. This game was developed singlehandedly using Unity for the game engine.

It’s essentially Minecraft and DayZ combined. The game’s art style definitely leans into the more Minecraft style with blocky characters and landscapes. The textures are also reminicent of Minecraft as well.

It’s a simple premise but at the end of the day, the thing that takes a simple game to a great game is developer support and the community that springs up around it.

Unturned Ultimate Review

Not many official outlets have covered the game since it was developed by a single man, but user reviews have heaped a ton of praise on the game. Average player count is around 10,000 which is impressive for an indy game, and the dev is making regular updates to keep those players happy.

Recently the latest patch added spawn loadout options, true/false server options for a drop on death, a preventive measure for jacking cars, custom user interface text options and weather hooks for custom objects that will “listen” for certain weather events, as well as enabling bulk salvaging of items.

The update also has hotfixes for validating attached items, trying to instantiate missing structure assets, server stability, and hashing trees when Should_Verify_Objects_Hash is enabled.

They also have a large community of map creators that are currently working on a recreation of Belgium.

Considering this whole deal was produced by a single dev in Unity it’s doing really well. As long as Unturned keeps up with the software support and the community continues to grow this game should have a long and healthy lifespan.

Whats’s More?

The Unturned Wikia is also a good resource for news, connecting to the community, finding information about game specifics and also contains a roadmap for future versions as well as a wishlist for the next update.

The list itself seems to be looking at a ton of improvements including more gun customization, range and damage dropoff.


There also seems to be a desire for vehicles that range from regular sedans to bicycles, horses and tanks. They also seem to be planning to make the crafting system more user-friendly and increase the depth of the crafting system as a whole.

If you are interested in the survival and zombie apocalypse vibe this game is throwing out there you should check it out.

It seems like the dev is still passionate about working on the game, and the player base is still excited to play, test and provide feedback.

As long as things keep up the way they are this game has a good shot at a long life. Still, the most amazing part of this whole game is the fact that it’s a one-man show doing the coding for the game.

It still amazes me when a tiny project like this can pick up steam and grow a thriving player base. 10,000 players are nothing to sneeze at.


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