CSGO has been around forever, at least in terms of software. In internet years CSGO could earn Social Security now, but the devs have been working hard to stay out of the retirement home.

The game is still thriving despite its age and while it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows CSGO has definitely earned its place in video game history.

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CSGO hit a snag last year when they announced they were going free to play. It has also had a rough time when a few bad actors on YouTube leveraged their audience to promote skin gambling for the game. Nowadays, peoples want to get Free CSGO Skins by completing easy offers or survey.

While you can hardly blame the game devs for the actions of third parties that aren’t directly involved with CSGO itself, it was still negative. It’s been nearly a year since all these incidents, so how’s CSGO looking now?

All in all, things seem to be trucking along quite nicely. Player count as of writing is over 16,000,000, and a slew of updates has kept players happy. The latest update has dropped and there’s plenty to unpack.

Ruby has been added to competitive matchmaking while Zoo has been removed. Players are limited to a single cooldown level for abusing the kick feature.

Danger Zone has had the cost of the Radar Jammer reduced to $1,250, the size of the window for the Ballistic Shield has been tweaked, during warmup players start parachuting in from higher up, and the buy menu availability hints no longer show during warmup.

The map loading process has been optimized, decal rendering has been updated for stability, Vertigo had its radar maps updated and the dev command for adjusting sound parameters was removed. Map specific updates were for Ruby. The tram bug was fixed.

CSGO is the grandpappy of competitive FPS and isn’t going anywhere any time soon. While going free to play was initially controversial, it does seem to have injected more new blood to the competitor pool, which is key for a game like this to continue.

The numbers in the player pool are going strong and updates are showing no sign of slowing which is great for the community at large and hopefully meatier updates will be coming before June is over. If you haven’t tried CSGO yet it’s worth a shot.

Cost of entry is literally zero dollars and the game still has the support of the devs.

Not a lot of games as old as this one can claim that, except maybe Skyrim, and there isn’t a pro league for Skyrim, at least none that I’ve found.

Tangents aside, the player base is great, and there’s never a time where it’s hard to find a match, the variety of game types is one of the most robust as far as multiplayer fps games are concerned, and the game has a pedigree for good reason.

The devs behind the game are passionate about what they do and do everything they can to make their players happy with the game.


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