Amazingly, Rust mixes the Survival and Action-Adventure elements, and it introduces a better chat option than other games you have played.

Maybe, you have never started any game with a naked character who is alone on the silliest island of the huge world.

No narrator or announcer is there to guide as you smash rocks against the nearest pine tree. In another hand, playing Rust is a frustrating experience with a buddy and feel downright impossible to go at island alone.

However, fascinating players will attack you at a notice of moment, using their valuable time that they spent in the server to create a massive arsenal of weaponry that no one can overcome, similar to Battle Royal Title.

In simple words, there’s nothing to do with how well you perform or understand the survival mechanics of the game and also get to grips with its lemming movement and odd first-person navigation.

However, it’s a survival game that rewards those players with huge prizes who put their most time in understanding what the game is about.

Combat, Exploration, Survival, and Crafting

Find yourself in the rich forest, where you discovers lots of people who are sleeping in the jungle and must loot them before they wake up. Also participating in camping outside the fort of the main character and killing the character whenever she tries to interact with the door to open it.

Moreover, for those guys, who really love playing deadly titles, then Rust might be the fascinating survival title out there. I know, most of the games are much better at certain points, including combat, exploration, crafting, and survival.

But, seriously, I have never played any game of this type that brilliantly mixes all of these elements like Rust. The method combines competitive and survival genres are really fun, especially for those who enjoy the goofier bits, like releasing rocket launchers at the character who is naked or ore.

Start a New Life following the Same Way

In the game, every time you starts a new life in the same way, whenever you connect to the server; means you wake up on an island, discover a naked man, as a procedurally generated character focused on the ID of your Steam.

It doesn’t mean there’s any customization feature; all aspects are locked, including race, appearance, gender, etc. Furthermore, dozens of survival games let players go for a grim, faded look, and more. The color of the sky is faded blue that you can easily share at for hours.

The vegetation of the game looks like inviting and lush, feeling exactly that it would be fun to explore the world through the grass barefoot. Structures are rusty red, which enables them to pop from the massive environment around them.

Aside grassy land, arctic and desert environments are enjoyable too, though their hazards mean that they can be a bit hard to navigate with the proper tools.

Standard Survival Mechanics?

Start playing the game with nothing, but a torchlight and a rock. Regarding these elements, Rust doesn’t deviate enough from the standard survival mechanics found in games like The Forest, Minecraft, and more.

Rock will be helpful in chopping down, and you can collect loads of rocks to use later in creating a rudimentary shelter while struggling to maintain the level of hunger, thirst, and other gauges.

Waked up naked, struggle for life, do strange things to each other, all of these things come to the heart of the game. However, no gender narrative, win condition, or any mythology is available.

Most servers are restricted either on weekly or monthly reset schedule, which definitely scrubs the island of the lingering fortifications or structures left behind by players, which grants the unique experience a strange touch of futility.

During the game, you need to manage your level of hunger, thirst, and health, similar to other survival games, and definitely, you can ratchet up the tech tree to discover different ways to stay alive longer.

Undoubtedly, there’re many hidden areas available on the map that are invaded with radiation leading to the implication that probably the player and the rest of his misanthropes are appearing a post-collapse society.

Persistent World

Most of the time I spent playing the game in solo mode, but I really don’t want to discount the strange online community of players from all over the land that team up in clans, and start participating in wars of aggressive along with the hunting lands.

One of the most notable of the feature of Rust is that everything in the land almost remains persistent, even if the player is logged off, means skilled players armed their bases with land mines, keypad locks, etc. 

Furthermore, the game offers quite prickly gaming experience for a new player. This is because the developers hadn’t spent enough to preparing the tutorials.

Instead, when the player connects with one of the many other servers, he is offered with a faint hint in the screen’s top corner such as harvest wood, create a hatchet.

Crafting System and PvP Matches

The crafting system is quite intuitive and comes with lots of options that can be used to fulfill the requirements of each item to be developed. Using the crafting system, you can track yourself into some harsh munitions if you found a few resources spawns.

Like other MMORPGs, it features PvP (player versus player) mode that won’t reward you with any prizes, but it’s tactical and fully packed with bone-crunching sound effects and more. 

Monetization Model

A strange monetization model has been implemented to this game, in which you as the gamer can purchase odd paint-job for your weaponry and clothing stuff.

No doubt, Rust is exquisite for tons of different reasons, but following the Counter-Strike: IGI-style, AWPs isn’t one of them.

The Ultimate Objective

When playing the game, just keep one thing in your mind and that is your survival at any cost. Therefore, the main task is to survive how long as possible, in the wilderness environment using the collected or stolen materials.

While playing, gamers must manage their risk of dying or hunger. However, despite the threat of wolves and bears, the main danger is other players from all over the land due to the game being solely multiplayer.

Like other survival games, the battle is completed through primitive weapons and firearms, including bows and more.


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