Rust is another survival game with a long history. It was originally released in 2013, and in 2014 the devs started work on a different version from what is referred to as the “legacy” version of Rust.

Since then the old version of Rust is no longer playable, but at this point, the newest version has been worked on tirelessly by the devs and the player base of about 66,000 seem pretty happy with how they are handling updates and improvements to the game.

Rust Gameplay

The devs have also switched to a monthly update cycle which gives players ample time to settle into the new game mechanics and gives the devs time to work on more improvements and catalog any possible bugs introduced by the changes they make.

 If waking up in a wasteland with mutated animals, hostile players and limited resources with only a rock, your wits, and a smile sound exciting, then Rust has the gameplay you’re looking for.

Servers are plentiful and the devs even worked in tutorials for new players to the game so you won’t have to have the wiki pulled up on your phone so you don’t have to risk tabbing out and getting ganked by a group of players before you can even sharpen a stick or make a campfire.

The biggest thing coming down the pipeline from the devs is going to be horse riding.

It will be rudimentary at first so the devs can find out how they affect world balance and gauge player reactions to the base mechanics, but once they have the basics dialed in they intend to add horse taming, armor and a few other things to deepen the gameplay.

In addition to horses, the devs have also decided to switch to the newest iteration of Unity which should allow for greater optimization and visual upgrades that players will enjoy.

With that upgrade, several changes to the main menu and user interface were added to take advantage of some of their more advanced graphical options, as well as fix the bugs introduced to the main menu when they switched over.

Other than pure graphical upgrades, the devs made some quality of life changes as well as reducing muzzle flare for most of the guns, balancing loot drops from Oil rigs, and step detection so you no longer get hung up on tiny curbs while traversing urban terrain.

Various bugs involving despawning resources, falling through vehicles and scenery, closed some exploits that were making PvP less fun and graphical optimizations for everything from user interfaces to weapon skins.

The devs are committed to making this game the best that they can and have promised updates every month. They are constantly testing out new things and listening to their player’s feedback.

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The addition of horse riding sounds exciting and the new systems that can be derived from that mechanic alone set the imagination reeling.

It’s a good time to be a Rust player, either new or old and it doesn’t look like the game will flare out and disappear any time soon. We have a lot to look forward to.


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