Speaking of Zombies and Apocalypses, there is H1Z1. Previously released in early access in January of 2015, this little battle royale that could, went from a fairly mundane DayZ clone to its own fully fleshed out (pardon the pun) concept as it sits right now.

It’s got a lot of tender loving care since it officially launched in 2018. It has two main game types, one is a more traditional battle royale experience with lootable weapons and a shrinking map, while the other features vehicles and a more arcadey type of feel than PUBG but isn’t quite as cartoonish as Fortnite.

There are a bevy of updates for the PS4 version of the game with a new map, another arcade mode, and the EMP Crossbow also received balancing to reduce overall player damage and splash area.

There are also a good amount of bug fixes. Camera orientation can now be maintained when aiming as a passenger when spectating the spectating player’s position is shown on the min-map. Player health bars remain accurate even when a spectating player quits.

Players carrying no items who are killed while in a vehicle no longer drop an empty bag. The backdrop on the main menu no longer disappears after exiting a match.

Play button is now hidden from players who aren’t the leader. “Hunter in BR challenge can no longer be cheesed by suicide. Mashing the X button when purchasing crates won’t freeze the user interface.

Wildstyle Marauder icon color scheme matches the weapon model. Fixed the “Go for Ride” challenge description. Urban pants no longer clip through footwear on the ladies. They have optimized matchmaking to reduce time spent on the “Match Found” screen.

Fixed switching between team members when spectating. Gas ring area of effect was made more intuitive.

Characters no longer get stuck when entering a game while opening a crate. People no longer get stuck when eliminated after interrupting the quit match timer. Molotovs no longer float if a player is killed mid-throw.

They fixed broken reload animations under various conditions. Grenade throwing arc no longer disappears at distance.

 Players can now pick up weapons that were dropped on destroyed tents. Dropped items now reach the ground regardless of the player’s distance from it.

The boost visual effect no longer persists after ceasing its use while in a vehicle. They removed problematic spawn points from Combat Training. After dropping an RPG and equipping a throwable, the PRG mode no longer reappears in the player’s hands.


The Revive prompt no longer persists after reviving teammates. The user interfaces no longer malfunction when opening certain windows by pressing two inputs simultaneously.

Settings can now be accessed while the death screen is showing in modes where you can respawn.

End screens now properly display mission results. There’s also plenty to look forward to across all platforms. During the current season, they have 6 new arcade modes slated for release.

These new arcade modes will be called ATV Rampage, Detonation, Assault Rush, Road Runners, Sharp Shooter, and Outlawed.


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