Dota 2 Review: A Spell-Binding MOBA Game


In truth, there is no doubting the status and popularity of Dota 2, and the eternal appeal of free Dota 2 items. As one of the prominent players in the realm of esports, Dota 2 is as relevant now as any other MMO on the market. Despite its lengthy lifespan.

But rather than a hindrance, that longevity is a testament to the game itself. During which time, Dota 2 has matured, demonstrating the ability to sustain a solid player base, no matter how toxic. And, at times it must be said; regulation involving the toxicity of its fandom is often, called into question.

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There is a portion of the fanbase; however, highly passionate about the game, dedicated to making life easier for those new to the scene. Those of which commit time to issue additional content, to add to the vast library of online intel.

This driven and passionate portion of people inspire those newbie novices. In short, this vast ocean of information, alongside a highly active community, keeps the game afloat.

On that note, Dota 2 is a reasonably tricky game to access, as a newbie. Not just because of the system-rich mechanisms embedded throughout the games internal engine. In truth, there are two sides to Dota 2’s community. And one is undoubtedly the lesser of two evils.

Then there’s the opposing side of the coin; a damaging element that can act as an obstacle for players. Especially, those beginning their journey with Dota 2. Occasionally, the community can be hostile and harsh, isolating those lower than the elite. Primarily, this is since Dota 2 is a crowd-funded community, in the sense that it was built by the players, for the players, and forged from the ground up. Meaning, you’ll always get division.

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What with so many people in positions of influence. With that in mind, it can be a tough pill to swallow for those starting anew. But grit your teeth, and survive the initial onslaught, then, Dota 2 soon bursts into life.

At its core, Dota 2 is a real-time strategy game, with a deep focus on RPG elements, which, are interwoven throughout the fabric of the game. Much like the model used by Blizzard Entertainment and the ever-popular Heroes of The Storm, which in fact, shares striking similarities with its MOBA counterpart in more ways than one. And the comparisons don’t stop there.

In terms of gameplay, Dota 2 emulates the Diablo formula of action-heavy, RPG combat infused with twitch-based battle play. These elements harmoniously sync in Diablo. And sure enough, in Dota 2, the balance is robust too. From a distant, birds-eye view, the concept is simple; point and click on the terrain to traverse around the map, and right click on enemies to engage.

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Of course, there are a host of unique abilities and items. All of which are assigned to different buttons and are purchasable via shops scattered throughout the map. That is a bare-bones description of events — the basic crux of Dota 2. However, peel back the layers, and there’s more to this frantic battle sim than meets the eye.

Dota 2

At its core, Dota 2 is a multiplayer battle game which pits two teams of five, against one another. The objective being, to conquer the opposing squads “Ancient.” But before the chaos ensues, players must select a playable character from an extensive reservoir of heroes; in fact, there are over a hundred different characters. These vary vastly in terms of ability sets — not just that, but also, the role each mold adopts.

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For instance, these range from defensive -minded molds which replenish health and safeguard teammates, to more offensive types, which deal significant damage; so whichever the class, the team with the most compatible squad, and not the most overpowered, often wins the day. All in all, this even balance to gameplay keeps the action exciting and unpredictable. No matter how unfair or one-sided, the stacking of the odds may seem.

On that note, teamwork makes the dream work, so finding the heroes that compliment battle strategies is a crucial element. And, acts as part of the reason why Dota 2 provides the never-ending potential for inspired fun and innovation.

The standard game mode contains a single map, which is composed up of three lanes. Usually, teams assign players to each path at the start of the campaign.

At this point, A.I minions spawn in, as well as radiant creeps, which home in on the dire base. Three dire towers occupy each of the three lanes. And, each team must destroy these, one by one. The main objective; the teams “ancient,” is hidden behind a fourth a final fortification, which acts as the endgame. Victory is only awarded once the opposing teams ancient bites the dust.

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On the surface, Dota 2 is not remotely original. Besides, many other MOBA games use the same, or at least, a similar formula. The trailblazing Defense of the Ancients laid the groundwork. While others, like League of Legends, and Heroes of the Storm, followed in those impressionable footsteps. Thus, adding a host of things here and there to the existing formula along the way.

What these games have in common, is the ability to level up. And the option to tinker with a plethora of unique skills. Those of which are vastly diverse. In turn, this broad-spectrum of skill sets, if utilized effectively, can complement the team in many novel and ingenious ways. Thankfully, Dota 2 follows in this tradition and excels in many other aspects too.

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All in all, Dota 2 has stiff competition, yet despite this, the game is still one of the most lucrative esports games in existence. In truth, the game is hard to access for newbs. But the reward gained through mastery of its rich array of systems is enough to keep you in the loop. In short, for fans of MOBA tower defense games, Dota 2 is a must-play game.


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