DOTA 2’s latest patch is 7.22 and there’s plenty there for the community to sink its teeth into.

As far as general game updates, they added new Scepter upgrades for all heroes who haven’t gotten one yet and updated older Scepter upgrades.

Scepter can be consumed as a buff by purchasing a recipe upgrade. Roshan now drops a consumable Scepter buff item, 3rd Roshan drop either a consumable Scepter item or Refresher Shard and the 4th has both. They’ve added a new visual effect under heroes that have a Scepter upgrade.

They’ve added both Mars and Io to Captains Mode. They have also increased the Deny XP from 35% to 40%, adjusted the death cost to NW/40, increased Killstreak XP bounty and adjusted XP requirements to reach level 5 and above.

Ranged creeps XP now increases by 8% per upgrade cycle, Siege creeps base attack time has increased to 3, spawn two units at 35 minutes, and can no longer be dominated, enchanted or converted.

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Tier 3+ towers damage has increased to 175, Tier 2+ Towers have a multishot attack when a glyph is activated and Tower Protection aura armor bonus has increased to 5, while Tier 1 Tower Protection is up to 3.

Illusions can now lifesteal and lifesteal can be used against enemy illusions, and you can no longer partially share Ring of Regen, Ring of Tarrasque, Sages’ Mask, Ring of Health, Void Stone and Perseverance.

Roshan has gotten buffs to base armor, attack damage. Satyr Tormenter’s Unholy Aura hp regen has been slightly reduced and the timer that credits a player for a kill when radiant or dire has increased from 20 to 30 seconds.

Heroes can now have non-standard initial attack speed and mana regen values. Abaddon, Broodmother, Crystal Maiden, Gyrocopter, Mirana, Silencer, Slark, Venomancer and Weaver have all had their base attack speed buffed. Clinkz, Lich, Pugna, Shadow Fiend, Techies, Tinker, Treant Protector, Weaver, and Zeus have had their mana regen buffed.

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Various items have also been re-balanced. They fixed multiple Bloodstones stacking the mana regen amplification effect. The Drum of Endurance has had its mana regen reduced slightly.

Eye of Skaadi has had its slow amount reduced when used against melee heroes and increased when used against ranged heroes.

Guardian Greaves have had their hp regen aura and threshold bonus armor reduced slightly. Helm of the Dominator now has a 300 gold recipe. Mask of Madness movement speed bonus was increased. If you want to get Free Dota 2 Items, then you need to complete few steps like completing easy offers or survey etc.

Mekansm’s hp Regen aura was nerfed. Observer ward cost decreased from 75 to 50, and gold/xp bounty has been buffed. Pipe of Insight’s Hp regen aura was nerved. Rod of Atos’ strength and Agility were reduced from 12 to 10. Sentry Ward’s cost has been decreased from 100 to 75 and now has a stock limit.

Spirit Vessel’s heal reduction was reduced from 70% to 60% and current health as damage per second reduced from 5% to 4%. Tome of Knowledge’s initial 10-minute stock now gives 2 tomes and has a 5-minute use cool down.

Vladamir’s Offering had its mana regen reduced to 1.5 Finally Wraith Band had its attack speed bonus reduced to 5. Heroes have also been patched.


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