Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, often shortened via the acronym CS: GO, has been around for what seems like an eternity, way before free CS:GO skins were all the rage.

The online, multiplayer first-person shooter, maybe firing blanks when pitted against most modern-day games befitting of the genre. And, today’s soaring standards. Though that may be true, CS: GO is still an efficient shooter. Despite showing visible signs of age.

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Developed by Hidden Path Entertainment, in partnership with Valve Corporation, CS:GO was a revelation. But also, an unstoppable force to be reckoned with, when it first broke upon the FPS scene. Way back, in 2012. Since then, a steady slew of updates rolled out year on year, have, on more than one occasion, saved CS:GO from becoming obsolete. Inevitably though, the shooter-scrapheap is never too far away from reality.

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In truth, the growing trend of battle-royale is making vast headway in the industry. And hence, has been stealing the spotlight away from competing genres in recent years. A sub-genre so strong, that it threatens to dominate the gaming landscape for many an era yet. With that in mind, how has CS: GO maintained a position near the top of the leader board for so long?

Besides, there’s a valid reason why CS:GO is perhaps the single most prominent poster boy for esports worldwide. As one of the industry’s most lucrative and long-standing games in the field of esports, CS:GO is no stranger to widespread critical acclaim. All the while, its universal appeal speaks volumes, even to this day.

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Whatever the opinions may be on CS:GO, in truth, arguing against the relevance it exudes on the world stage, is all but futile. Especially from a professional, competitive capacity. Alongside Dota 2, League of Legends and Fortnite, CS:GO generates colossal levels of prize money on an annual basis. Quite honestly, CS:GO is a powerhouse of the industry, in all but every aspect.

That’s not to say that the game is flawless by any stretch. What’s more, from my standpoint, there are clear indications of outdated systems and redundant visuals. These blemishes become more apparent, of course, with every new iteration on the market, that shares the genre. But, in defense of the game, that’s to be expected, considering CS:GO’s seemingly infinite shelf life. After all, the shooter has been around for almost a decade and still looks to be standing firm. Irrespective of age.

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That aside, it’s time we delve headfirst into the action and report back to you, on our analyze of CS:GO, as an online FPS. On that note, it’s time to lock and load, gear-up, and move-out, as we place boots on the ground. By the time you’ve finished reading this, perhaps your perspective on where CS:GO stands will be a little less foggy. Or at least, the lines that distinguish CS:GO from its peers will have higher definition. We certainly hope so. Anyway, I digress.

Back at the tail-end of 2018, CS:GO scrapped its pricing format and went free-to-play. A bold move, that divided opinion at the time. An issue that soon became a hot topic of controversy. Though that may be true, there’s no doubting its impact, having seen a surge in player numbers, since that famed price slash.

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And yes, you guessed it, the emergence of a battle-royale mode has solidified the player base too. Besides, who doesn’t want to cash in, on the craze while it’s blazing hot? Everybody else has. But, that’s beside the point. Of course, you can’t please everyone. And many fans loyal to the game were outraged upon hearing the news.

What with having invested so heavily in the game. Besides, it takes years to fill that piggy bank to the brim (Just me then). All in all, the free to play model is undoubtedly a beneficial asset to the game long-term.

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Moving on, at its heart, CS:GO is a fast-paced, high-stakes, PVP shooter. As unrelenting as it is ruthless. Primarily, the core game mode consists of two teams, whereby each, locks horns in the arena.  All the while, completing unique objectives along the way. Whether you play as the terrorist or counter-terrorist division, the varied plethora of game modes cooks up countless possibilities. Of which, there are nine in total.

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From those tense, do-or-die, bomb defusal scenarios to life and death hostage situations, the stakes have never been higher. Better still, if you don’t subscribe to the pre-set match fixings, then you can always hop on the dedicated servers, and host a custom event with authentic map types, and game modes — something for everyone then, it would seem.

What’s More about CSGO

Those that elect for more of a free-for-all skirmish will get on favorably with the aptly named “Danger Zone,” which acts as the battle-royale mode added, late 2018.

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Following the end of each round, players get rewarded for their heroic efforts on the frontline. That is if you weren’t hiding behind the oil drum, all match long (Spot the chicken!) But players can pick up penalties post round too, for unsportsmanlike conduct, for instance, by blowing your teammates sky-high.

But if you conduct yourself appropriately, then cash rewards will await the winner. The distribution of which revolves around the levels of player performance.

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Meaning, the better you do, the more currency you then generate to spend on weapons and utilities. In truth, this risk and reward-based system, benefits those that invest time in fine-tuning their skills. The downside is, players are forced to go through the grind. That is if they wish to improve rank and ability. But with that, comes a proud sense of achievement and the value of progression.

Finally, we come to the weapons. In total, there are four main weapon types, those being SMG’s, rifles, pistols, and grenades. Most of which handles well and possess realistic physics. Some firearms kick like a mule, while others dish out vastly more significant damage, which comes at the deficit of accuracy. This healthy balance to gunplay evens up the score and puts everyone on a level playing field.

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All in all, CS:GO keeps on trucking, thanks to its rocksteady gunplay, a diverse range of game modes, and a committed development team, focused on supporting the game through thick and thin.

In truth, CS:GO continues to defy expectation as a leading player in the field of esports. Despite its supposedly expired sell-by date.


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